New Site!

Hi Everyone! Join our Welcome Give Away!

A big welcome to our new Home! I am so looking forward to shaking the dust off my brushes and doing some painting with you all! I have been working away developing this new platform for some time, making it easy for everyone to use and added some fun additional features!

I look forward to knowing what you all think and if you have any requests just comment and let us know.

For  1 week/7 days to celebrate we are offering everyone who registers and says Hi to this post a free course, it could be any of the ones we have currently live! If you do have a preference to Acrylic or Oils let us know when you say Hi!

Jump into the groups we have already created! Join in and say Hi! We will be adding more overtime again let us know if you have a request!

I want to say a Special Thank you to Ray and Gray for all there support

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you all have fun and enjoy this new site. We have more features to come! So stay tuned.

Best wishes


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