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Blooming Peony painted by Karen Underwood

Full Video with Written instructions with images.

Currently on sale for £15.99

Learn how to sketch and paint this lovely Peony! Easy steps to follow both by video and written instructions with step by step images.

Full support provided!

GrayScale Painting has added 2 new course painting with Acrylics.

The Jubilee Clump – painted with Acrylics – Click to view

This is a unique painting of a grouping of large trees surrounded by a rounded brick wall in a park Painting a slightly washed out sky, with the trees silhouetted against it, with houses & trees in the back, and a lonely park bench on the left This is a wonderful study on painting clumps of leaves for trees that are not pines, and painting bricks that aren’t your typical flat wall type.

A Seals Best Friend (The Killer Whales) – Acrylic Click to view

This is an easy painting of the Orcas just enjoying life, and one of them spots the diver taking the picture, LOL!



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Check out our Almond Blossom zoom session – What can I say? Painting can be lots of fun! What can go wrong? Large group and the new norm with zoom classes! Well, plenty but what fun. I look forward to many more evenings so entertaining as this one. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we all enjoyed our time together too.

Thank you all for such a great and fun evening, watching still brings tears of laughter to my eyes, what more can you ask for!

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