Head to Head – Traditional or Water based?

Having only used Traditional Oils I was curious to explore Water Mixable Oils!

I often wondered how would you achieve the same results using Waterbased Oils? Oils are the Traditional Method. Right? So many questions come to mind!

How can Waterbased water-mixable oils stay open and allow blending? Not to mention the many other techniques used by many artists. Would they react the same? Would they be more leaning to working with Acrylic paints?

I Challenged myself to find out!

I purchased Windsor and Newton Water Soluble oils and Water-soluble Medium.

I decided to replicate an oil painting which I previously painted using Traditional Oils. My results were amazing I really enjoyed working with these paints.

  • No odour – Washing my brushes in Water
  • Colours are vibrant
  • Blending perfectly using Water mixable Medium which replaced my Linseed Oil.
  • Open time was great, felt just like painting with Traditional Oils.

Overall I found them amazing, this opens the doors for many of us that don’t like solvents or are allergic to them. Also, you can keep the windows closed! I would recommend them to everyone, also another added bonus is you can mix them with Traditional Oils but remember you would need to use your odourless turps at this point and open the windows!

I have also created a course Wild Poppies using Water Soluble Oils 

Please share your experiences using Water Mixable Oils I would love to hear about your experience too!



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