Mediums for Oils

  • Mediums for Oils

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    Working with Traditional Oils
    Linseed Oil

    Linseed oil is a common carrier used in oil paint, It can also be used as a painting medium that makes oil paints more fluid, transparent and glossy.

    Alla Prima – Wet on Wet painting recommend using a mix of 50/50 Linseed oil and Odourless Turpentine.

    (Always remember while you are painting to have good ventilation, keep any nearby windows open whenever possible!)

    Working with Water Mixable Oils

    Water Mixable Oil Colour Paint Medium

    It thins the colour and increases gloss and transparency. When painting in layers it can substitute linseed oil and be combined with water and/or thinner to maintain ‘fat over lean’. This is a water-mixable impasto and texturing medium for use with Artisan oil colours.

    Water Mixable Oil Colour thinner

    Although water can be used as a diluent for the colours, its speedy evaporation can make the colour thicken upon the palette much quicker than the conventional oil colour would when used with turpentine.

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