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You will need 6 Colours for your colour chart:

  1. Cadmium Red
  2. Cadmium Yellow or Windsor Yellow
  3. Cerulean Blue
  4. Cadmium Orange
  5. Sap Green
  6. Violet or Permanent Mauve

Titanium White  for mixing

(Use whatever brand that suits you!)

Prepare your canvas by lightly sanding and coating with 2 thin coats of Gesso or Acrylic paint.

You need to divide your canvas into a grid with 14 x 10 grid squares

14 Across

10 Down

Inches – 14 inch across – 10 inch down – 1 Inch Squares

Metric – 28 cm across – 20 cm down – 2 cm Squares


Measure in from each side of the canvas by 1 inch or 2 cm, while making sure you check your canvas size as sometimes canvas’s may not measure exactly to the inch. (We have also used the top and left side edges to add titles on occasion)

Use your pencil mark out the outside edge of your grid all sides should be lined up.

Using your Ruler at the top edge of your canvas, mark 1-inch markers at the top of the gridline edge and repeat this top and bottom and for both sides.

Line up markers and draw in your lines. (try to have faint lines in order to erase them once you have finished your chart)

You can use 1-inch Masking tape and cut this into ¼ inch strips to lay into my grid, of which you can cut your strips slightly longer than your grid size.

Place the first strips of your grid to the outside edge. (don’t place tape strips into the inside edge as this will reduce the size of your grid square)

Then you can place your tape over the pencilled vertical and horizontal lines, positioning the tape so that the pencil line is in the middle of each strip.

Once you have added all of your strips to your grid, press firmly so they are all stuck well on all edges.

With your sponge, use white Gesso or Acrylic to apply 2 thin coats over you grid, this will also help to prevent bleeding when the paint is added.

Remember to watch our short video for instructions.

Refer to colours for your chart from the Colour Chart Template.

We know this task is not too exciting, but take your time and once you have added all your mixed colours you will have a lovely grid for reference that can be used for many years to come. If you do have additional colours in your tool kit then create a 2nd canvas and add some more mixtures to grow your reference charts.

When you have painted all of your mixes then gently pull off the tape. (We tend to add chart titles after the chart has dried, this allow you to tidy the outside edges if required)

Add your text labels and Varnish.

Please upload when you have completed your chart and if you are missing your titles due to drying that is absolutely fine.

Download a template for your chart Colour Chart Template