Brushes I use for Wet in Wet Florals – Karen Underwood

  • Brushes I use for Wet in Wet Florals – Karen Underwood

    Posted by Admin on September 14, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    Hi, I wanted to share with you the type of Brushes I use for my paintings.

    For Wet on Wet style painting the recommended brushes are synthetic brushes, these brushes are very good and have a good chisel edge and a good snap.

    (A soft brush will not give you the same effect)

    Royal and Langnickel Taklon Large Brush Set are a great set of brushes for beginners.

    You will find you have plenty of options to purchase nice synthetic brushes at most art shop suppliers, just remember to check they have a nice sharp chisel edge and good firm snap and spring to them.

    Brushes which I use in this course are shown below.

    Liner Brush – Generally used for fine detail work with inky fluid paint

    Round Brush – Small round brush is used for detail, the larger round brush can be used for petals

    Filbert Brush – Used for leaves, petals and also for highlights greatly depends on the painting.

    Flat Brush – All round brush, used for leaves, flowers, landscapes greatly depends on the painting.

    Mop Brush – Used for blending work, and sometimes used for painting too.

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